Physical Management

Our services provide total management of the infrastructure and amenities of properties through regular site inspections and ongoing communication with the ownership/developers. We work hard to understand the costs associated with each building and budget expenses to address any issues. Our contractors work in a professional manner to ensure quality work that is completed in a responsive time. We also manage all annual contracts to provide a property that is professionally maintained and repaired.

24 Hour Emergency Services

We are always on call 24/7. Our emergency service give you peace of mind.

Bid Solicitation

To provide the best vendors at the most cost effective price for you.

Contractor Inspection

To ensure that all work is being performed appropriately and per the contract

Site Inspections

To keep up to date on all on going issues and to keep you informed

Rules Administration

To make sure no one is in violation of by-laws or their Lease and if so any violation is addressed.

Professional Service Coordination

To make sure everything with your property is taken care of and coordinated appropriately.

Financial Management

We believe financial management is one of the most important keys to success.  With Baldoni Management, all budgets and reports are done in a timely professional manner to make it easy to understand the finances of your property. Our transparent process also lets a property owner decided how involved they would like to be. Our professionally executed budgets and financials are verified and audited to ensure complete accuracy.  It is also our job to understand the expense issues associated with each property and learn how we can improve them. With many of our clients not only do we manage all the finances, but we are able to give you cost savings once our processes are implemented. We are able to do this in a way that not only saves the owner money, but there is also no impact to the tenant. Tenant retention is one of our most important goals as we manage your property more efficiently and effectively. Accurate management of the budget and finances in the most cost-effective manner possible is what we pride ourselves in.

Budget Preperation

To set a roadmap for the year and estimate all true costs associated with the property.

Account Payable Management

Provide payment to all vendors and ensure that bills are in line with contracts.

Lease & Insurance Administration

Provide payment to all vendors and ensure that bills are in line with contracts.

Audit & Tax Management

To work with the accountant on all tax and bookkeeping issues.

Liaison with Attorney

To make sure no one is in violation of by-laws or their Lease.

Monthly Reports

To give a a detailed picture of all property activity for the month.

Association Management

Our services include working with the owners to create association budgets and bill the owners their pro-rated share of the association dues. We organize and lead the monthly/annual association board meetings and monitor the upkeep of the common area to the satisfaction of all owners involved. It is our goal to make sure the owners are satisfied with the management and informed of any discrepancies that may occur. We work hard to make sure the owner’s can just focus on their business and leave the professional management of the site up to us.

Budget Preperation

To set a roadmap for the year and get a good understanding of all income and expenses.

Calculate and Collect Monthly Dues

To ensure all owners are paying correctly and on time.

Association Meetings

Conduct monthly and annual Association meetings.

Work Order Requests

Make sure all requests are completed in a timely manner and that the work is performed correctly. We supervise and inspect all work on site.


Work with the Board to ensure that reserves are being funded and that the funds are there when needed.